What makes DMA different?

  • DMA’s exclusive Capital Reserve Data Management System features tools that give us a comprehensive view of your investment.  Your detailed field inventory and assessment of components allows our experienced reserve analysts to forecast out years of repair and replacement costs, so that you can make educated management decisions.
  • DMA’s unique Cost Estimate Database is generated with decades of data from major construction contractors, adjusted regionally for cost variance, and verified against local market.  We are the only reserve analysis company with this level of information supporting our reports and recommendations.
  • We look at the whole picture.  Our replacement costs include removal and restoration. The unique conditions, access, and working conditions of your projects are considered.  Perhaps your replacement plans involve alternative or improved product – we have you covered.  Our competitors don’t have the field experience to accurately assess these costs.
  • DMA studies include real-time interactive working sessions conducted in person or online.  Using our Reserve NAVIGATOR™ our Reserve Specialist walks you through changes and what-if scenarios and to get your input before we finalize each study.